[Insights] 5 Reasons to Apply for CUBIC Shanghai Week


Want to be a part of the world’s largest consumer market($5,074 trillion)? 

Looking for the best approach to tap into the Chinese market and channel partners?

Need legal experts to advise you on IPR strategy and entity establishment?

Seeking local funding for market expansion?



Join the journey to learn from Chinese local business experts.


Breaking into the China market successfully can be very difficult for foreign companies with no experience of doing business in China. In order to solve the challenges that global startups face before entering the China market, CUBIC Shanghai Week offers insightful China knowledge, industry expertise, and practical recommendations for a startup’s China market entry strategy and expansion plans. Here are 5 reasons that you should apply for CUBIC Shanghai Week now.


1. Enormous market and massive opportunities

With the rapidly changing demographics, rising incomes, increased consumer spending and an increasingly open business environment, the Chinese market has become more and more attractive to global businesses across a variety of industries. 


2. Get key Chinese market and business knowledge served on a silver platter

When you are thinking about expanding your business into the Chinese market, there is likely this enormous opportunity in your mind you cannot stop thinking about. But actually, you have no clue where to begin. During the CUBIC Shanghai Week program, you will get in-depth China market opportunity analysis, industry-specific strategies and advisory sessions, and direct access to investors and experts. Our program guests are experienced industry leaders and experts who not only teaches you the essentials but share industry insights and help you to assess your business potentials in the Chinese market.


3. Comprehensive support

CUBIC’s parent company Thinkzone is one of the largest Chinese incubators. Thinkzone has over 25 years of experience in incubating, accelerating, and connecting startups to buyers, investors, and partners. With our program, you can be confident that you will be benefiting from one of the most extensive and influential networks in China. CUBIC Shanghai Week provides keynotes, workshops, and master classes from all relevant industries to save you valuable time and provide you useful insights, which can give you advantages when entering the China market.


4. Networking 

One of the highlights of CUBIC Shanghai Week is formal and casual networking. The visionary minds are gathered together during our intensive 5-day program, and you will have the chance to find passionate leaders, top-notch mentors, future business partners and even potential investors. During our local community event and Huangpu River night cruise, you will be able to network while enjoying the unforgettable city skyline view.


5. Continued support long after the program ends

The CUBIC Shanghai Week program ends in 5 days but CUBIC’s support does not. With CUBIC, we develop long-term relationships, and our services aim to meet the needs of companies at every stage of growth to accelerate their path to global success. Wether you need to inquire about talent, seek investors, or get tailord advice, the Thinkzone network is always available to be accessed as your business continues to grow.


Visit our programs page to learn more about Shanghai Week or schedule a call with us to see how you can benefit from the program.