Congrats Xtalpi on 2021's Fierce 15 by Fierce Biotech


Fierce Medtech released the Fierce 15 on March 7th. Xtalpi, a member of the CUBIC community, was named one of the 15 most promising pharmaceutical technology businesses in 2021 as a prominent AI pharmaceutical company. It is the first time a local Chinese enterprise has been nominated in recent years.


f6af10c4eebd99e73e4596b14f3fdf5eXtalPi is artificial intelligence (AI) drug discovery firm that has been based in the CUBIC Bridge12 community since 2015. CUBIC has witnessed and accompanied the rise of XtalPi, from a start-up team on the MIT campus to headquarters in Shenzhen and various R&D locations in Beijing and Shanghai. Xtalpi has received multiple rounds of funding from Tencent, Google, Softbank Vision Fund, Sequoia Capital, China Life, and others, making it one of the most well-funded AI+Pharma firms in the world.

Xtalpi provides R&D services and collaboration to pharmaceutical company clients. It combines accurate predictive algorithms with advanced wet experimentation capabilities to form a set of AI drug development processes that combines prediction and experimentation to corroborate each other. The company also has a longstanding partnership with Pfizer that initially centered around crystal structure prediction for drug development and evolved in 2018 to see the duo join forces to build out XtalPi's AI-powered platform for drug design, with a commitment to make some of the molecular compounds they discovered together freely available to academic researchers.



According to the company, its software has been used to help those partners discover more than 100 small-molecule candidates and, ultimately, develop dozens of potential new drugs. Xtalpi's business grew tenfold in 2021, with numerous R&D pipelines reaching milestones and being prepared for clinical trials by clients. Meanwhile, Xtalpi's Shenzhen R&D headquarters and Shanghai Medicine Innovation R&D Center built thousands of square meters of modern laboratories, including drug synthesis, solid-state R&D, bio-experimentation, cryo-electron microscopy, and other labs. The laboratories in operation in 2021 enhance Xtalpi's ability to independently acquire R&D data, iterate algorithms, and validate and deliver drug candidates with significant development potential.

Xtalpi currently serves over 100 global pharmaceutical and biotech firms and research institutions and employs over 600 people worldwide. At the same time, the company has incubated and invested in several innovative companies around its critical upstream and downstream industrial chain and technologies, including Agent Pharma, Higgs Biotech, PhoreMost, and Lemang Bio, forming a complementary and mutually empowering industrial ecosystem with Xtalpi at its center.

According to Jian Ma, co-founder and CEO of Xtalpi Technology, "We are honored to be the only AI pharmaceutical firm on the Fierce 15 list, including many other great breakthrough technology companies. We've seen a lot of growth in our team and business volume over the last two years, and we've seen a lot of AI-discovered unique chemical structures enter the R&D pipeline. Fierce Medtech is an AI industry platform company. We'll keep working to combine cutting-edge quantum physics and AI algorithms with advanced experimental techniques and expert experience to help pharmaceutical companies bring more breakthrough innovative therapies to patients worldwide with fewer resources and less time."

"Although we are not yet free of the threat of the epidemic," said Conor Hale, senior editor of Fierce Medtech, "we believe that the 15 innovative companies selected for this event will either respond to demand or swim against the tide in the epidemic environment, assisting the pharmaceutical industry in achieving the evolutionary upgrade of the industry."

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