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*CUBIC team stands for CUBIC and its strategic consulting partner Zhigang Think Tank who will execute SPEED service as a whole team for the clients


Cross-border business is  never easy


Many businesses try to enter the China market by connecting with potential clients, partners, different VCs etc., however the rate of success for these attempts is despairingly low. Why is this?  Foreign companies can sometimes miss important market details and insights into the market within China, the vast geographical differences among the cities in China, the different ways of different investors’ decision making process and habits,  leading to failed attempts at market entry. Rigorous regulations surrounding China-US trade environment can be difficult to keep up with, due to the internalization of news within China.


To help tailor your businesses’ entry into the lucrative China market, using local support can be a very good idea. Insiders with knowledge of the business culture, etiquette, market dynamics and know-how about how to best fight the fierce competitive nature of China business can be some of the most valuable tools in foreign companies' arsenals when writing a business plan for China market entry.


Why CUBIC team is different from others


CUBIC team has always adhered to a strategic approach with oriental characteristics. First, advocating a profound understanding of national conditions, local conditions, political conditions and even human conditions, and using it as a basis for holistic planning. The company's consulting practice includes almost everything from real estate project to regional development, from corporate development strategy, marketing strategy to integrated dissemination, from products to enterprises, to multidisciplinary industries. It’s footprint covers every economically active area in China, which allows it to have a comprehensive perception of the macro business landscape, economic trends, regional culture and customs. CUBIC team can simplify all kinds of problems, reach the core of the problem, and refine the most fundamental strategy.


Second, stick to our own methodology. Western theoretical models and analytical tools are only useful in a very mature society that has been well developed. But in a dynamic arena such as China, if one stuck to Western models and tools, it will definitely commit the mistake of stubborn implementation without local expertise and being blind sided. Therefore, methodology is far more important than those formulas. The highest realm of methodology is philosophy, which is to adopt a dynamic, compound, and dialectical way of thinking.


Third, adhere to the inherent independence and the "third party perspective", which indicates the company has always standing at the level of being responsible for the holistic picture, pursuing the nonpartisan insight and quality of each advice, and persisting in the independence and objectivity.


Fourth, pay attention to the implementation of strategic planning.

Many clients are facing the problem of having a general direction without instruction on how to deploy, and the practical result is the rule of thumb for testing the success of a consulting case. The company will give clients confidence, an explicit direction, and more importantly, the operation platform and implementation plan to help companies achieve strategic landing. Thus, development of implementable and executable strategic planning and strategic design is a huge advantage CUBIC.


Get your business start in China right


Relying on their public credibility and a huge client base, and engagement with more than 1,000 enterprises in Chinese market, CUBIC team has created and learned numerous innovative and effective solutions to solve all types of challenges and provide their clients with the most customized China market approach.


Being as a trustworthy partner for more than 20 years, CUBIC team be the value-add through four main perspectives of doing business in China:


1) Understanding China's macro environment, as well as industry trends and related market policies, to further clarify its possible future development direction and development needs in the Chinese market


2) Understanding the basic processes and key milestones for overseas companies to enter the Chinese market


3) Experts' professional consultation, targeted understanding of the possible operational path and related strategies of their own enterprises or teams entering the Chinese market


4) Introduction of relevant domestic partner resources to enhance the operability of Chinese market entry


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