[Recap] 2019 CUBIC Shanghai Bioconnect Week


From November 11th to 13th, 2019, Shanghai BioConnect Week, an innovative program powered by Thinkzone International and CUBIC Inc., was successfully held. Life sciences startups from all over the world gathered in Shanghai and had a ‘close contact’ with 10+ industry leaders, 30+ investors and 100+ life sciences corporates through themed seminars, one on one meetings and roadshows. 


For entrepreneurs who want to enter the Chinese market, they often encounter the problem of "maladjustment." In the seminar entitled "Give you a key to open China", Mr. Guogang Ren, the leading consultant of CUBIC, explained China's macroeconomic environment, market laws, culture, and policy support. The multi-dimensional analysis helped the entrepreneurs to take the first step into the Chinese market.



Mr. Guogang Ren is diagnosing the pain point of the startups


In order to meet the strong demands of the entrepreneurs for China's capital, we also invited Mr. Bo Xiao, the Director of Innostar Venture of Fosun Group, to introduce the Chinese investment environment of the Life Sciences industry, as well as the areas and directions that capital will pay attention to when considering investment from the perspective of investors. He emphasized that investors generally pay more attention to whether startups have technical barriers, whether the background and experience of the founding team are sufficient to support the development of the startup, and whether the product has commercial potentiality in the Chinese market.


To help the entrepreneurs better understand the Chinese Life Science industry environment and connect with the corporates, a visit to Shanghai Fenglin International Innovation Center was arranged. Fenglin Innovation Center is the top Life Sciences hub in Shanghai and even China. The tenant companies are at the highest level of the Life Sciences entrepreneurial companies in China. In the one on one meeting session, startups had deep communications of resources, technology and capital with nearly 30 tenant Life Sciences companies in Fenglin.


For Life Sciences entrepreneurs, knowing China's market regulations and industry guidelines is the prerequisite for entering the Chinese market. Therefore, the 2019 CUBIC Shanghai Bioconnect Week has provided two unique “recipes” for general approaches and specific approaches.


In the "general approaches" seminars, we invited well-known service institutions in China to elaborate on foreign investment regulations, equity structure, IPO, IP protection, etc. In the "specific approaches” seminars, the experts also gave professional explanations on the R&D and manufacturing process, such as CRO, clinical trials, market supervision, etc. for medical device, biopharmaceutical and digital health industries.



Shanghai Week Tool-kits Workshop


The roadshow is a wonderful finale of the 2019 CUBIC Bioconnect Week. In front of over 100 investors, the entrepreneurs introduced their companies and products. The core members of the teams are professors and professional scholars from MIT, Harvard University, Stanford University, Yale University and other top world-renowned universities.



Roadshow with over 100 investors


Teofilo Tijerinak, CEO of Onko Solutions, said: "I am very pleased to be selected and join this meaningful program, and I would like to thank Thinkzone International for building such a good platform for the startups. The sharing of the speakers was very helpful and meaningful, which benefited us a lot. I also connected with many Life Sciences companies and capital. I am particularly impressed by the Chinese market and I hope to have further development in China.


This year is the third year of Thinzone International and CUBIC to host cross border innovation programs. Startups from North America, Europe and Asia participated in the programs, with the total participant number of more than 150. We are dedicated to delivering a full range of services for cross-border expansion, including: strategic planning, resources connecting, market entry, company establishment, team recruitment, etc. Thinkzone International will join hands with our top-tier partners to provide customized services to companies across the world, and help them land and develop in China.


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