Review: Outstanding Projects from Think Tech Show, a smart manufacturing roadshow


Last Friday, Cubic's parent company, Thinkzone International, hosted an interactive online roadshow for investment and financing. It focuses on specific industries in different sections, attracting capitals, institutions, government, incubators, organizations and other professionals, aiming to boost enterprise growth and empower technological innovation.

Eight outstanding industrial projects were chosen to participate in this online roadshow. The event drew 160+ professionals from venture capitals, government, incubators, and organizations.

Thinkzone International launched "Think Tech Show" as a roadshow program in 2022. The program relies on the 28 years experience and resources from Thinkzone Group, China's first private national science and technology business incubator, as well as  talents and projects support from Thinkzone International oversea branch, CUBIC. It aims to attract more high-quality projects by creating an appealing investment and financing environment with comprehensive services to the industrial supply chain.

1.Taihan Space 

Started: 2021

Intellectual Property Rights: 20 patents and software copyrights have been applied

Financing Goal: 30-50 million CNY

Financing Purpose: engine production line construction, test arrow production line construction, engine development, recovery of test arrows

Low-cost, fast-cycle 3D printing rocket from China, a pioneer in commercial spaceflight innovation. Taihan Space is the only commercial rocket company with a rocket R&D and manufacturing center in Shanghai, as well as a composite core technical team of "China 100 people plan" talent and national technical experts. With more than 20 soft documents and patents pending, the goal is to provide affordable space transportation services to the general public.


2.Fangen Intelligent AI Millimeter Wave Radar Perception System

Started: 2020

Financing Goal: 30 million CNY = 10% equity offer

Financing Use: mass production, R&D, marketing, operation

The R&D team has extensive academic and technical experience. In comparison to traditional technologies, Fangen Intelligent AI Millimeter Wave Radar offers a new type of active sensing method that combines radar signal processing, end-to-end cloud, artificial intelligence, wireless transmission, and other technologies, as well as features such as accurate sensing, non-contact, non-imaging, and all-day time. The product masters core algorithm key technologies and is unique in virtual aperture, adaptive calibration, multi-scene data processing, and clutter suppression.


3.Oil-activated electronically regulated multi-rotor courier drone


Financing Goal: 30 million CNY (diversified portfolio plan)

Financing Use: 33.33% team building, 33.33% machinery and equipment, 33.33% project product flow operation

It can achieve 99 kg load, 5 hours range, and can deliver hundreds of deliveries with one start, and can be easily controlled like electric multi-rotor drones, and the operating experience is better than electric multi-rotor drones (wind resistance, endurance, load quality, etc.) to fully meet the requirements of logistics express delivery on the performance of drones and various technical indicators required by the logistics express industry.

4.Fangen Intelligent A I Millimeter Wave Radar Perception System

The R&D team has 100% master's degree and above, with profound academic and technical accumulation. Compared with traditional technologies, Fangen Intelligent A I Millimeter Wave Radar provides a new type of active sensing method that combines radar signal processing, end-to-edge cloud, artificial intelligence, wireless transmission and other technologies, with features such as accurate sensing, non-contact, non-imaging, and all-day time. The product masters the key technologies of core algorithms and has originality in virtual aperture, adaptive calibration, multi-scene data processing, and clutter suppression.


5.YUKUN testing

Started: 2020

Financing Goal: 30 million CNY = additional 20% equity

Financing Use: 10% talent introduction, 20% construction of four centers, 3.33% domestic and foreign intellectual property declaration, 10% equipment R&D acquisition, 23.33% demonstration project promotion, 33.33% expansion of working capital

Founded in November 2020, the company's leading non-contact magnetic stress detection technology is a key technology for external pipeline inspection and evaluation, as well as the core technology for oil and gas pipeline body data collection and analysis. The full application of this technology will result in a disruptive shift in oil and gas pipeline operation and maintenance away from post-event response and emergency repair and toward pre-event warning and planned maintenance.


6. Inskylab (INSKY)

Started: 2019

Intellectual Property Rights: 9 invention patents, 6 utility model patents, 15 software copyrights have been applied

Financing Goal: Pre-A round 30-50 million CNY = 10%-16% equity

Financing Use: 30% development, 20% operation platform optimization, 30% marketing promotion and system construction, 20% spare

Inskylab is dedicated to the advancement of advanced avionics flight control technology to provide solutions for fully automated aerial flight.

In the field of urban industrial UAVs (UAS), the company has developed a platform for automatic aerial data capture, analysis, and visualization management, which enables automatic over-the-horizon operations in complex urban environments through technologies such as intelligent networking, route planning, and autonomous perception and obstacle avoidance, maximizing the application capabilities of UAVs in complex scenarios and forming a set of automated urban flying patrol.

Inskylab has launched a new urban 4D automatic flight control system for manned aerial UAM by integrating avionics flight control and intelligent perception technologies, providing an airworthy automatic flight control system for all types of aerial vehicles and promoting air transportation innovation.


7.Daju Technology (Elevator)

Started: 2018

Financing Goal: 10 million CNY

Financing Use: 30% marketing, 20% patent fees, 30% production costs, 20% supplementary working capital

The company, which was founded in April 2018, focuses on the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of multi-cabin change-rail elevators. We completed a series of pre-industrialization tasks after 6 years of in-depth research, including basic support technology research and development, overall scheme design, engineering feasibility demonstration, engineering design, functional prototype trial and testing, prototype design and trial production, prototype installation and commissioning.

Daju invented the multi-cabin rail change elevator, which adopts a new cable-free direct drive technology and is the only elevator system in the world. The elevator can realize a large number of elevator cabs running without interference in the same shaft, and the adjacent shafts can smoothly and quickly change tracks to 'overtake', which greatly improves the transportation capacity of a single shaft and saves a large amount of floor space occupied by elevators at the same time. In 2021, the company successfully developed and manufactured the world's first high-end intelligent multi-cabin interference-free parallel elevator. The product applied for a total of more than 130 relevant invention patents, more than 10 authorized patents and 8 international patents.


8.Intelligent Furniture

Patent acquisition time: 2017

Project patent number: 2016102222585

Financing Goals: more than 3 million, diversified portfolio plan

The project is an original intelligent furniture concept that completes the best engineering implementation plan. Introducing microcomputer control and electromechanical automation technology into the furniture production field, it can make a room with this patented furniture complete the automatic switching of different functions within seconds by making full use of the space on the top of the house by ceiling installation, and compressing the space with the help of time through pre-functional design.



Started: 2013

Financing Goals: 4 million CNY

Financing Purpose: 7.5% prototype development, 25% first customer validation, 67.5% industrialized development and promotion

IPlan is committed to providing intelligent supply chain planning SAAS products, solving the outstanding problems of unscheduled, unintegrated, and unintelligent production, supply, and sales planning, assisting the supply chain in making rapid, collaborative, and intelligent planning decisions, and reducing costs and increasing efficiency for enterprises.

The founding team has over ten years of experience in project, development, and consulting, and has worked on IBM, INFINITT, Accenture, and other enterprise projects.


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