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Wanted to expand your business to China market but don’t know where to start or how to deal with complicated process? - Here is a solution!


Thinkzone Virtual Desk (Shanghai), is a creative way of working and collaboration in a global business setting. Target in Shanghai, we provide you with a site package as a proxy of Business Development or Sales representatives in Shanghai that allows companies easily connect with China resources with assistance from our dedicated Shanghai team. This unique package is a quick start for you to access China market without a big cost of setting physical presence.


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Why Shanghai

Known as the Pearl of the Orient, Shanghai is mainland China’s commercial capital and has emerged as the eighth largest city in the world. As of 2019, Shanghai had a GDP of US$539 billion which makes up 3.85% of China’s GDP. Alongside Beijing, Chongqing, and Tianjin, it is one of four municipalities directly controlled by the central government.

Shanghai attracts many multinational companies to set up regional/Asia-Pacific headquarters, including over 700 multinational companies regional hqs, over 100 Asian-Pacific reginal hqs and over 500 foreign-funded R&D centers.  The major high-tech industries are bio-medicine, AI, electronics information products, fintech, automobiles, petrochemicals and advanced manufacturing, accounted for 70% of the city’s gross industrial output in 2018. From the perspective of the coordinated development of the Yangtze River Delta mega region, Shanghai is able to leverage its role as the region’s central city, strengthen the division of labor and cooperation with neighboring cities, and build a world-class city cluster with global influence.



IMG_7226-1-1-1      Address:A7, 1688 Guo Quan Bei Lu, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

About Thinkzone International


Thinkzone International is in Bay Valley science park, a 66,000 sqft science park with over a thousand companies. It is adjacent to the first-tier university-Fudan University Xinjiangwan campus, and only 10 minutes’ drive to Wujiaochang business center. Thinkzone International is anchored in Shanghai where the most international talents and business integrated, dedicated to facilitating cross-border business development in China.


As a connector of Thinkzone’s global network, our 9-storied incubator is designed to serve as a soft-landing pad that connecting companies to the most prosper economy in mainland China with easy access to Yangzi River Delta economic circle, the richest mega city cluster per capita in China.

Alongside with trustworthy partners, we offer one-stop service and versatile space to provide carefree landing and operation solution including HR& payroll, tax and audit, corporate establishment and structuring, patent filling and IP strategy, industrialization advisory and consultancy.




Thinkzone International owns and operates a 16700㎡ office building incubating 48 companies from startups to public listed enterprises.

The space has integrated flexible private offices and co-working space for SMEs and customized floor space for enterprises.

  • Board meeting rooms
  • Group meeting rooms
  • Event space
  • Lounge area
  • Lab space
  • Kitchen


Thinkzone International provides community events and advisory sessions to help the tenant companies and entrepreneurs get access to core resources and grow fast.

  • Roadshow
  • Mentorship
  • Workshops
  • Networking
  • Industrial tour
  • Professional service


Current Resident Highlights

Shanghai CEO Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

The company mainly engaged in the provision of high-end environmental protection technology,equipment and overall solutions of municipal/industrial sludge treatment and gas purification. The company has listed on new third board in China.



Foohu establised from the University of North Carolina and focuses on semiconductor chip design services. It strives to greatly shorten the design time of chips through the automation of the design process.



Bongostech is from the University of Uppsala, Sweden. It focuses on the development, production and sales of high-precision positioning civil robot control systems, high-precision robot positioning systems and solutions.




HIWAYS is the first law firm in China to be approved as a "special general partnership." Within 13 years, it has provided professional registration, financial, legal consulting and human resources services for 3000+ customers.



Headquartered in Hong Kong, Gemini is one of the first independent HR companies in China. Gemini focuses on the needs of foreign-invested companies and has become an honorary partner of the global human resources network-NPA Global Recruitment Network, Career Star Group and IXPA.



SinoFaith is the largest integrated intellectual property service company in China, with a business model of "Intellectual Property Protection + Operation". It has subsidiaries in Chicago and San Francisco.



Zetland is headquartered in Hong Kong, and it mainly assists companies to use Hong Kong, China CEPA to obtain tax reductions and provide comprehensive Chinese trade solutions.


And more…