[Watch] Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain Amid COVID -19


BRIDGE12 hosted its first virtual tea talk and invited executives and investors in related fields to share insights on how COVID-19 impacts the manufacturing and supply chain in China and globally.


This month's featured speakers are VP of Client Services at Yourway, Fiona Geiger, founding partner of BOHE Angel Fund, Yuwen Liu, and CEO of JOL USA, Yuanyuan Yin. They will be sharing the real business stories behind COVID-19, watch this live webinar recording and get insights on the following,


- How does the pandemic effect your business? In short-term and long-term  

- How are your clients affected, if any?

- How is the global manufacturing and supply chain responding to the pandemic?

- What has been done in response to crisis management ?

- Is there any business opportunities during a crisis like this?

- Any recommendation for start-up during this challenging time?




Featured Speakers:


Yuwen Liu: Yuwen Liu is the Founding Partner of BOHE Angel Fund, a 200M RMB fund jointly invested by Wuxi Apptec, Hengrui, Simcere, TigerMed and BGI,etc. This is the first angel fund focusing on healthcare technology-driven start-ups in China, with Xiaodong Wang and Yigong Shi sitting on its scientific advisory board. It has invested into XinKangHe biological, Transcriptic, SmartNuclide, Athelas Therapeutics, CoolLing Biotech, and HighField BioPharmaceutical covering drug discovery, diagnostic and innovative service solutions. Before she sets up this fund, she was Chairwoman & CEO then executive director of Suzhou Industrial Park Biotech Development Co. Ltd. (BioBAY) for 9 years.


Fiona Geiger: Fiona Geiger Experienced professional with extensive expertise in project management, process definition, management, interactive response technology implementation, and all aspects of clinical supply chain management. She is the Vice President of Client Services at Yourway and has wide-ranging responsibility for aligning people and systems across the organization to keep projects moving forward and advance corporate objectives. Fiona also leads a number of strategic growth efforts to expand Yourway’s customer base and increase capacity utilization.


Yuanyuan Yin: Yuanyuan Yin is a business development expert with experience from IBM, startups, and her family business in manufacturing and technology. She is currently the CEO of JOL USA where she manages sales and design strategies for manufacturers in China and Japan. She has been the co-founder of multiple startups and an investor in e-commerce and consumer product companies. Yuanyuan holds an MBA from Babson College and a Bachelor's Degree of Applied Science from the University of British Columbia.


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