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China Technology Enterprise Weekly News


1.In Global Computing Power Index Assessment Report, China's computing power has surpassed that of the world's leaders. The Global Computing Power Index Assessment Report, jointly produced by Tsinghua University and international data firm IDC, provides a comprehensive assessment of computing power, computing efficiency, application level and infrastructure in 15 major economies around the world. The data shows that in the past year, the computing power scores of all countries have improved, of which China has increased the most, entering the ranks of the global leader with a total score of 70 points. It is worth noting that, for the first time, the manufacturing industry has entered the top three global computing power levels, becoming the fastest growing industry in terms of computing power investment, alongside the Internet and financial industries.

2.Chinese tech unicorn ByteDance has acquired no-code startup Hipa Cloud, a company that focuses on customized enterprise management systems, Chinese media outlet 36Kr reported on Monday. The acquisition appears to boost ByteDance’s enterprise software as a service business and transform the competitiveness of Feishu, its Slack-like messaging tool for businesses, in a sector currently dominated in China by Alibaba’s DingTalk.

3.Amazon Cloud Technologies (AWS) is targeting startups for customer acquisition as competition in China's cloud computing market heats up. Wenyi Zhang, Amazon Global Vice President and Executive Director of Amazon Cloud Technologies in China, recently stated at an investor exchange event that the startup ecosystem is critical to Amazon Cloud Technologies. At the same time, cloud computing plays an important role in lowering the barrier to new technology applications and leveling the technological starting line for startups and large enterprises. According to IDC, Alibaba led China's public cloud IaaS + PaaS (Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service) market in the third quarter of 2021, with a 38.6 percent share, followed by Huawei Cloud with 11.2 percent, Tencent Cloud with 11.1 percent, and Amazon Cloud Technologies in fifth place with 6.5 percent.


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China Weekly Research News

1.Tsinghua University Makes a Significant Advance in Small-Size Transistor Research

Professor Tianling Ren's team at Tsinghua University's School of Integrated Circuits recently made a breakthrough in the research of small-size transistors by preparing sub-1 nm gate length transistors with good electrical properties for the first time. The relevant findings were recently published online in the top international academic journal Nature.

2.Breakthrough in regenerative medicine Chinese researchers have created human totipotent stem cells.

Researchers from several institutions, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the UW Life Sciences Institute in Shenzhen, have induced and cultured human totipotent stem cells in a 3-day developmental state, similar to fertilized eggs. This is the world's "youngest" human cell cultured in vitro, and it is another game-changing breakthrough in the field of regenerative medicine following scientists' successful induction of human pluripotent stem cells. The findings were published in the international academic journal Nature in the early morning hours of March 22, Beijing time.

China Weekly Investment & Financing

1.Rokid, a leading Chinese augmented reality company, has raised 110M USD in Series C funding, which will be used primarily for technology development, marketing, and environmental construction (source). Rokid is a human-computer interaction technology product platform company dedicated to the research and development of hardware and software products such as AR glasses and the creation of the YodaOS-XR operating system as a carrier. Top institutions such as Temasek, IDG Capital, Credit Suisse, Haitong Securities, and Yuanjing Capital have previously invested in the company.

2. Aubrey Capital led a Series A+ financing round of more than 100 million CNY for Shenzhen Tengfu Medical. Tengfu Medical was the first company in China to conduct clinical research in the field of acute pulmonary embolism interventional devices, and the company has been dedicated to filling the gap in the field of pulmonary embolism interventional devices in China since its inception.

3.Hoyuan Biologics has successfully entered the capital market, becoming the first gene therapy stock to be listed on the science and technology innovation board. With the addition of He Yuan Bio, the board has entered the "400+" era. Hoyuan Bio is a gene therapy-focused biotechnology company that offers CRO services such as gene therapy vector development, gene function research, drug target and efficacy research for basic gene therapy research, and CDMO services such as process development and testing, IND-CMC pharmacology research, and GMP clinical sample production for gene drug R&D.

4.Yifei Automation received hundreds of millions of dollars in Series D financing, led by Chunhua Capital and followed by our old shareholders, Qingchun Ginkgo and Broadband Capital, to help it accelerate its progress toward becoming a world-class Chinese robotics brand. Yifei Automation is a high-tech automation enterprise that combines industrial robot R&D and manufacturing with control system development and automation system integration. The company now has a full range of lightweight high-speed industrial robots, such as parallel robots, SCARA robots, small six-axis robots, and so on, after focusing on research and development of lightweight high-speed industrial robots. Among them, the Xunyi series of high-speed parallel robots developed and produced independently fills gaps in China, with a number of performance advantages over comparable products at home and abroad, enabling local industrialization of high-performance industrial robots.