CUBIC talks with Dr. Shawn Xu, the Managing Partner of Simcere Innovation, to discuss about the life sciences trend post Covid-19 pandemic, the innovation stories, the collaboration synergies, and the future expectations of Simcere Innovation.


Following along with the re-opening timetable of Massachusetts government, CUBIC’s space provider for BRIDGE12, as well as strategic partner in Massachusetts, CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center) has taken various safety-precautions  as the initial phase of co-working space preparation. These “no touching” office settings make CIC members feel “touched” with all CIC’s great efforts to make a safety working environment.


Options to establish a business entity in China


IP strategies you should know to save cost and speed up your business during COVID-19 shared by top law firms in the US and China.


Thinkzone and RAMED are pleased to announce they have entered into a global strategic partnership


Wanted to expand your business to China market but don’t know where to start or how to deal with complicated process? - Here is a solution!


BRIDGE12 hosted its first virtual tea talk and invited executives and investors in related fields to share insights on how COVID-19 impacts the manufacturing and supply chain in China and globally.


Many businesses try to enter the China market by connecting with potential clients, partners, different VCs etc., however, the rate of success for these attempts is despairingly low. Why is this?


Take a look at what happened in Shanghai


Want to be a part of the world’s largest consumer market($5,074 trillion)? 
Looking for the best approach to tap into the Chinese market and channel partners?
Seeking local funding for market expansion?