How many companies are in each cohort? Plus Mius
Each cohort will enroll up to 15 promising companies from the US and EU markets
How many participants can each company have? Plus Mius
The program fee only covers one representative from each company. If you would like to have multiple participants (up to 2 max), please contact our team for more information.
How to pay the program fee? Plus Mius
After signing the service agreement, the invoice will be sent via email and can be paid online.
What happens after I sign up? Plus Mius
Once you have signed up, our program team will review your submission on a rolling basis. If an initial fit exists between your company and the program, our staff will contact you through email for further information on next steps. We aim to finalize the attendees within 1 week after the sign up closed.

Once we confirm with you to enroll in the program, we will proceed with signing the service agreement and finalizing the payment process before the webinar session.
How do I apply for a visa to China, what type of visa, and how long does it take to process? Plus Mius
Please make sure you get the China Tourist Visa (L Visa) before the program begins. The regular process takes about 10 days, and the urgent process is about 3 days. Please be sure to include at least another 10 extra days for the documents to be mailed to you. Please visit the following website for more information:
When should I start to apply for a visa to China? Plus Mius
We highly recommend you start the visa application once you sign the agreement with us.
Expenses & Logistics
Where is the program venue located? And how to do daily commute? Plus Mius
The program is mainly located at the CUBIC Innovation Space at Bayvalley in Shanghai, which is an international entrepreneurial environment for hi-tech startups.

Address: 1600 North Guoquan Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, 200438

For more information of the Bayvalley:

Free shuttle bus will be provided during the program between hotel and meeting venue.
Do you sponsor international airfare? Plus Mius
This program does not sponsor international travel expenses.
When should I arrive and depart Shanghai? Plus Mius
The program starts from Monday morning to Friday evening, the hotel covers from Sunday through Friday night. You should plan the trip accordingly.
How to pay locally in China - credit card, cash, or online payment? Plus Mius
Mainly via credit card. However, please make sure you bring some cash since many places only accept UnionPay and not Visa/Mastercard. A longer-term option would be to open a local bank account in RMB for future use, which also enables online payments via platforms like Alipay or WeChat.

FYI, China Customs stipulates the maximum RMB cash that you can bring is 20,000 RMB (roughly equal to 3000 USD)
Where will I live in China during the program? Do I get a shared room or a private bedroom? Plus Mius
You will live in either Shanghai ATour Hotel at Hongkou or Howard Johnson Caida Plaza Shanghai during the program, and you will get a private bedroom.

Shanghai ATour Hotel:

Howard Johnson Caida Plaza:
How do I get local transportation in Shanghai, such as from the airport to the hotel? Plus Mius
Daily transportation:
●  Subway (You can easily purchase subway tickets at the subway station, and most of the subway lines are well connected so that you can conveniently transfer from one line to another)
  ●  Taxi: Taxis in Shanghai only accept cash if you do not have Alipay or WeChat Pay.
  ●  Didi (Chinese Uber): Download the Didi APP. It is as simple as using Uber.

From the airport (Pudong International Airport) to the hotel:
Option 1: Cheaper approach - Subway
First take Line 2: Pudong International Airport - East Nanjing Rd
Then, transfer from Line 2 to Line 10
Line 10: East Nanjing Rd - Wujiao Chang
Note: when you purchase the subway ticket, you can directly choose the final destination as “Wujiao Chang” rather than purchase two separate tickets.

Option 2: Faster approach - Taxi/Didi (Chinese Uber)
There is a certain pick up area for the taxi or Didi, and it roughly costs about 200-250 RMB (30-40 USD) from Pudong International Airport to the hotel depending on the traffic.

From the airport (Hongqiao International Airport) to the hotel:
Option 1: Cheaper approach - Subway
Line 10: Hongqiao International Airport - Wujiao Chang

Option 2: Faster approach - Taxi/Didi (Chinese Uber)
There is a certain pick up area for the taxi or Didi, and it roughly costs about 100-150 RMB (15-25 USD) from Hongqiao International Airport to the hotel depending on the traffic.
If I have some emergencies during the program, who will handle this kind of situation? Plus Mius
Please make sure you get a travel insurance before the program. Our execution team can be your emergency contact if anything were to happen.

A reference link for the travel
Local communication tools? Plus Mius
We will use the WeChat messaging app as a communication tool in China. There will be limited email communication during the program. Please make sure to download the English version of WeChat before your departure.

Please prepare a VPN tool if you need to access Google Suite.

Please sign up for an International Calling and Data plan with your wireless carrier.
The Program
Does this program request an equity exchange from my company? Plus Mius
No, this is not an equity exchange program.
Can I schedule private meetings with potential partners and investors? Plus Mius
After the corporate and investor meetings, there will be half a day off for people to arrange follow-ups and other personal meetings. The specific time slot will be announced in the detailed agenda once available , and you should expect to get more program information during the webinar session.
Do I need to register my business in China before the program? Plus Mius
No, in fact we do not suggest you think too much about this until you have committed to the market for the long term since the process can take as long as 3-6 months to complete.
Do I need to translate the business plan and pitch deck into Chinese? Plus Mius
We highly recommend you prepare a bilingual version in advance for potential partners in China. We also have interpreters to help with basic business translation and communication.
How do I make sure my intellectual property is protected? Plus Mius
a) The business plan should be considered information that could possibly enter the public realm, and participants should not assume any right of confidentiality in any data or information discussed, divulged, or presented in these stages.

b) Due to the nature of showcasing, the Hosts will not be able to ask the staff or the audience to agree to or sign Non Disclosure Agreements. The Hosts will, however, make every effort to limit the distribution of business plans presented at the pitch session. The Hosts cannot guarantee that other individuals will not obtain access to or distribute electronic or hard copies of the business plans from other channels. All presentations are open to the audience at the invitation-only events, and some presentations may be videotaped or photographed by the audience or for marketing purposes.

c) The Hosts or its affiliates may pass on any business plans to their venture capital and other commercial partners on a non-confidential basis with consent.
Do you offer interpreters for the whole trip? Plus Mius
We offer 1-2 interpreters for the whole trip. For some special occasions (e.g., one-on-one meetings), more interpreters might be available.
What is the follow-up process? Any assistance from the organizer? Plus Mius
Our team could help with follow-up with limited capacity. If the company would like to pursue further collaboration opportunities through CUBIC’s post program service, please ask our team for more benefits and service offerings.
Will there be handout materials, slides, or textbooks in the program? Plus Mius
There will be some handouts in the program. You may also request for other materials that are not printed or sent, but it is the speaker’s choice if they want to provide.
Is there additional fees charged for cruise, industrial tour and other fun events? Plus Mius
No extra charge for group event like cruise, industrial tour, banquette. If other activities are planned or requested out of program, you are expected to pay accordingly.